Fitness Trends that Need to Die

Published on 3 May 2024 at 20:44

Alright, buckle up—let's chat about the wild and wacky trends we've all seen at the gym (and occasionally outside of it, too). You know, those things we all notice but never quite mention out loud. The past decade has been a whirlwind of change in fitness culture, so grab your protein shake and let's dive headfirst into the bizarre and brilliant world of gym trends!

Excessive Selfie Sessions

While a quick gym selfie to document your gains is totally fair game, let's not turn the gym into a full-blown photoshoot. Remember, we're here to lift weights, not just our smartphones!

Extreme Fitness Challenges

Say goodbye to the days of eating challenges that make you question your life choices and workout stunts that belong in a circus act. It's time to prioritize workouts that don't require signing a waiver!

Obsessive Fitness Tracking

Okay, let's talk about the Fitbit frenzy—constantly checking heart rates, steps, and calories burned can feel like a part-time job! How about we find a middle ground between being health-conscious and not turning every workout into a data marathon?

I get it, you want to know how your body's doing, but trust me, you won't disappear into the abyss if you skip a few heart rate checks. Let's keep it fun and functional without drowning in stats!

That being said, these gadgets have their quirks, but they're still pretty handy. Take a look at some recommended picks below!

Workout Shaming

Can we agree to retire the trend of workout judgment? Let's celebrate everyone's unique path to health and fitness, even if it involves unconventional methods (yes, even that guy doing yoga while balancing on a stability ball).

Oh, and can we please press pause on the impromptu TikTok filming during workouts? No one needs to accidentally become an Instagram star mid-squat. Let's keep the cameras off and focus on lifting each other up—figuratively, of course!

Excessive Supplements

Whoa there, let's cool it with the supplement stash. I mean, a couple of key products can be handy (hello, protein powder and fish oil), but we're not trying to open a supplement superstore in our kitchen cabinets.

Let's keep it real with whole foods and balanced meals—because no one wants their pantry to resemble Walter White's lab, am I right?

Nevertheless, these gadgets definitely have their niche in this community. Dive into some recommendations below!

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